Winter Season Alert for Argentina Cross-Andes Transport & Shipping Updates

Winter Season Alert for Argentina Cross-Andes Transport

The winter season (typically from May to September) in South America has started.  For Argentina shipments routed via Chilean ports (Valparaiso or San Antonio), winter conditions can force the closure of the cross-Andes route and delay schedules. 

Shipping Updates

The continued cancellation of vessel sailings on all major corridors has increased capacity demand on the remaining vessels.  In areas where there is peak seasons for other commodities this can impact the typical lead time to secure bookings. 

Equipment availability still varies widely depending on origins, but in general there is more demand for reefer equipment.  As recovery efforts across the country get underway for June and July and demand increase (along with seasonal peak demand on reefer equipment in summer months), plan ahead and extend lead time expectations to accommodate your delivery timelines.

Information by country on equipment capacity, sailings and more is available on Hillebrand’s website, as well as updates and logistics strategies for the  North American market.  

We encourage you to work with as much advance notice as possible on requested ship dates and set up notification alerts on to keep on top of on estimated departure / arrival dates.