Weekly Shipping Updates – Chassis Issues at Los Angeles / Long Beach

Weekly Shipping Updates

As we share what’s happening in the global shipping industry, we want to remind you we’re here to help you navigate through the constantly changing environment with short and longer-term transport solutions.  We appreciate your continued support during these challenging times.

Los Angeles / Long Beach – import volume surges since July have resulted in challenges securing chassis equipment for trucking partners that do not supply their own.  The lack of available chassis units once truckers secure the terminal pickup appointment has run into scenarios where free time limits are exceeded and additional demurrage charges apply.

Reefer Equipment from North Europe – volume capacity on this trade has been tight since July and current blank sailings (cancelled sailings) will continue through the end of the year.  As this is peak season for holiday shipping, as well as fruit season in the southern hemisphere which impacts overall container flows, demand for reefer equipment has outpaced existing supply.


With a much longer lead time for reefer equipment bookings, especially to the West Coast Hillebrand is urging customers to:

  • Consider shipping dry with Hillebrand insulation for the seafreight leg.  For inland destinations to door, cross-docking options into heated trucks is a viable option through our Winter Wine Program.
  • Move the most temperature-sensitive product via Hillebrand groupage service (temperature controlled).  Schedules online at www.hillebrand.com/tools/schedules
  • If you cannot adjust lead times to three weeks out, clearly indicate which orders are rush so we can prioritize those bookings.

Spain – Bilbao Port Strike Disruptions

The intermittent strike actions at the port of Bilbao between October 9th – 25th are impacting port operations, container movements, and vessel loading and unloading.  The severe slowdown is now causing carriers to cancel port calls at Bilbao and divert to the port of Gijon.  For assistance with options for pending shipments please contact your Hillebrand representative. 

Oceania to USA – continued fallout from labor action at Sydney port terminals has impacted the container flows for Australia and New Zealand shipments.  Ocean carriers applied congestion charges this month for export cargo as well.  The largest impact has been for flexigrade container equipment in this area.

California Power Safety Shutoffs – Due a combination of high wind gust and red flag warnings, parts of 21 California counties are impacted by a public safety power shutoff for today and possibly tomorrow (October 15th).  Hillebrand’s facilities in Northern California and the port of Oakland are not impacted.  Most wine storage facilities in the Napa / American Canyon region are not impacted, but some pickups at supplier premises could be impacted. 

Winter Cargo Care for US Transport in Truck Trailers and Rail

As we move into the cooler seasons, moving domestic cargo over land in the USA will require additional temperature protection. Cargo protection options for US trailer and rail equipment differ from international seafreight container units.  For domestic moves Hillebrand offers temperature controlled equipment for LTL (less than truckload), intermodal and over-the-road shipping.  Temperature-controlled warehousing and storage are also options for both short and long-term needs.

When severe weather conditions and/or cold temperatures are expected at any point along the route from pickup to delivery in US, Hillebrand advises all customers to ship in temperature controlled (heated) equipment for guaranteed protection against freezing.

Due to limited reefer capacity from Europe, or for any origin, consider the alternative to ship the seafreight leg in dry containers fitted with Hillebrand insulation, and then cross-dock cargo into temperature-controlled (heated) trailers for the inland US leg to door.  Contact your Hillebrand representative for more details on this transport solution.

FDA Foreign Supplier Registration Renewal Period (October – December 2020)

It’s time to plan ahead for foreign supplier registration renewal with the FDA.  Every two years, between October 1st and December 31st, the renewal registration process must be completed.  This year the 9 digit DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) is required, here is the website to look it up https://fdadunslookup.com/ or to register one here https://fdadunslookup.com/FDA%20DUNS%20Portal%20User%20Guide.pdf

Where Hillebrand is the nominated FDA agent, we will contact suppliers and complete the renewal.  For any new suppliers or questions, please send your inquiries to fdausr@hillebrand.com.

Should you have any questions or need more information please contact your Hillebrand representative.  You can also manage pending shipments, pickups, invoices, set up alerts and more on myHillebrand.