USA Truckpower and Port Congestion at Critical Levels

For those importing in the USA right now, it is essential to be aware of the current conditions on the ground, especially concerning port congestion and trucking. 

A combination of record-breaking inbound volumes, port congestion (forcing vessels to omit calls), and the shortage of truckers and chassis has produced a chaotic transport environment.  On top of this, covid-safety protocols are reducing available labor at terminals and with drayage providers. This has created unavoidable detention, demurrage and/or storage charges.

Despite dispatching truckers two weeks ahead of estimated container arrivals, truckers have struggled to pick up before the last free day at the terminals.  In some ports, appointment windows are not available for container pickups and returns.  Trucking companies are forced to drop loads when they have no available drivers.  Even with advance planning, there are no longer guarantees that truckers will have either the capacity to pickup or can honor delivery timeframes.

Please be assured Hillebrand is pulling out all the stops to alleviate extra charges, but given this volatile market, Hillebrand cannot absorb extra charges for incurred demurrage, detention and storage past the last free day.    

Please contact your Hillebrand Representative for the Q1 2021 North American Freight Market Report.