USA – Operations Update on COVID-19 for North America – Friday March 20, 2020

Hillebrand’s network remains operational

For NASA members in North America, the expansion of shelter-in-place requirements statewide (California as an example) has the entire industry adjusting to new business continuity efforts.  Hillebrand offices and warehouses in the USA and across the network remain operational, under enhanced safety protocols and remote work setups.   Communications channels remain open and we encourage you to connect with any questions.​ 

International and domestic freight is permitted

Port operations, trucking and shipping are deemed essential and order collection and deliveries will continue or will be rescheduled if the involved facilities are not open.  Congestion levels, equipment supply, vessel calls, air cargo schedules, and customs operations will vary region by region. 

Status updates and guidance attached

We will continue to update on shipping corridors, port terminal operations, and USA domestic / overland transport, please contact us if you are not on direct email distribution to receive the latest in-depth report.   A daily operations snapshot for the Hillebrand network is also posted on