USA Monthly Bunker Levels May 2022 / MSC EBAF from Oceania effective April 16, 2022

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) will apply an additional EBAF (Emergency Bunker Surcharge) on shipments from Oceania to the USA effective April 16, 2022 as follows: 

MSC E-BAF effective April 16, 202220′ Dry40′ Dry20′ Reefer40′ Reefer
Oceania to USA$66$122$99$198
Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) additional EBAF (Emergency Bunker Surcharge) effective April 16, 2022

Below are the BAF (bunker adjustment factor) levels on USA imports for May 2022.

US Port Region / Equipment20′ Dry40′ Dry20′ Reefer40′ Reefer
N. Europe* to US East Coast/Gulf$545$1,090$768$1,536
N. Europe* to US West Coast$768$1,536$1,101$2,202
W. Med** to US East Coast/Gulf$614$1,228$1,278$1,278
W. Med** to US West Coast$836$1,672$1,722$1,722
S.America / S.Africa to US$513$1,026$744$1,488
Oceania to US$975$1,950$1,438$2,876
Asia to US East Coast/Gulf$680$1,360$995$1,990
Asia to US West Coast$410$820$590$1,180
May 2022

*Includes points and ports in continental Europe, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Baltic regions excluding countries/ports listed under South Europe

** Includes points and ports in the West Mediterranean: Italy, France (Fos-sur-Mer only), Greece, Portugal, Spain

The intermodal fuel surcharge on containers handled by Hillebrand will be 47%.