USA Monthly Bunker Levels for November 2022

Please see the below BAF (bunker adjustment factor) levels on USA imports for November 2022.  All BAF levels reflect a decrease in rates. 

US Port Region / Equipment20′ Dry40′ Dry20′ Reefer40′ Reefer
N. Europe* to US East Coast / Gulf$436$872$604$1,208
N. Europe* to US West Coast$605$1,210$857$1,714
W. Med** to US East Coast / Gulf$463$926$976$976
W. Med** to US West Coast$627$1,254$1,354$1,354
South America, S. Africa to US$452$904$627$1,254
Oceania to US$803$1,606$1,155$2,310
Asia to US East Coast / Gulf$589$1,178$833$1,666
Asia to US West Coast$379$758$519$1,038
November 2022 Bunker Levels / USA imports

* North Europe includes points and ports in continental Europe, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Baltic regions excluding countries/ports listed under South Europe
** West Med includes points and ports in the West Mediterranean: Italy, France (Fos-sur-Mer only), Greece, Portugal, Spain.

The US intermodal fuel surcharge on shipments handled by Hillebrand USA for November will be 43%.