US-UK Agree to Suspend Tariffs on UK Goods in Boeing/Airbus Dispute

The United States and the United Kingdom issued a joint statement today to suspend tariffs on UK goods in connection to the Boeing/Airbus aircraft dispute.  

This includes Single Malt Scotch, Single Malt Irish Whiskey from Northern Ireland, liqueurs and cordials and certain wines from the UK.

The suspension goes into effect today March 4, 2021, for four months as the US and UK negotiate the underlying dispute. 

The UK’s retaliatory tariff on American Whiskey in response to the US 232 steel and aluminum tariffs remain in effect.  While the UK announced last December it would not maintain the EU’s tariffs in connection with the Boeing/Airbus dispute when it exited the EU customs union, it would maintain the tariff on American Whiskey as it evaluates its response to US steel and aluminum tariffs.

NASA continues to work with other industry organizations to collectively urge the  US, UK, and the European Union to work together to eliminate retaliatory tariffs on all distilled spirits and wines.

View full Press Release from Office of the U.S. Trade Representative here