US TTB CBMA Importer Refund Claims System coming soon – Update Key Information

In preparation for the release of the US CBMA Importer Refund Claims system (planned for first quarter 2023), the US TTB is requesting for all importers to verify their Key contact information in their Permits Online System.

We have provided a copy of the TTB bulletin below: 

TTB Bulletin February 8, 2023

 As a follow-up to recent CBMA webinars, there is action to take to be ready for CBMA import claims.  TTB is preparing for the release of a new CBMA importer refund claims system through which importers will submit claims online to take advantage of reduced tax rates or credits of the Crafts Beverage Modernization Act.  The CBMA importer refund claims system relies on information in TTB’s Permits Online system, particularly the Key Contact information for the business entity. This information must be accurate and up-to-date or you may experience delays in obtaining access to the CBMA importer refund claims system and, ultimately, your refund.  A Key Contact must be an officer or owner of the business entity and must be authorized to sign and act on behalf of the entity by name (not just by title).
What you need to do
Visit the Help Page Detailing How to Verify/Update your Key Contact(s)
Login to Permits Online
Verify or Update Key Contact Information

There are step-by-step instructions on how complete this action on  We recommend that you confirm your Key Contact information as soon as possible even if you think it is accurate. You can designate more than one Key Contact, and TTB encourages you to consider doing so.  The Key Contact(s) will be able to manage access to your company information in the myTTB system.

TTB will provide additional information about the CBMA importer refund claims system in the coming weeks.  Additional information about CBMA import refund claims is available here

If you are interested in helping us test new features for CBMA import claims and providing us feedback, please consider signing up to be a volunteer.  

If you have any questions about updating your Key Contact information, please contact TTB toll-free at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS.

New to CBMA tax credits?  Contact your sales representative or view more on Hillebrand Gori’s website.