US TTB CBMA Importer Refund Claims System coming April 3, 2023 – New functionality available

The TTB has released update on new functionality and a release date for the CBMA Import Claims System, 

We have provided a copy of the TTB bulletin below: 

TTB Bulletin March 24, 2023

New functionality is available in myTTB.  Alcohol importers planning to submit a refund claim for CBMA tax benefits can now:

  • Create a myTTB account
  • Get access to and “activate” your entity (invite Key Contacts for your company to myTTB)
  • Add users and assign roles for the CBMA Import Claims system

What you need to doReview instructions on getting started in myTTB.

After creating a myTTB account, you’ll be able to get access to your company’s information in myTTB by activating your entity.  You will need to “Activate your Entity” prior to submitting a CBMA import claim.  This step connects your existing TTB importer permit information in Permits Online with your new myTTB account.  Key Contacts are able to invite additional users and assign them access to the CBMA Import Claims system. 

Note: Activating your entity and accessing to the CBMA Import Claim system require identify verification with or  This one-time process helps keep your company’s information safe and prevents fraud and identity theft.  Both providers use multifactor authentication and strong passwords based on guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

New to CBMA tax credits?  Contact your sales representative or view more on our website here.