UK-US Also Agree to Suspend Tariffs Related to the Airbus-Boeing Trade Dispute

Today the U.S. and UK announced an agreement in the WTO Boeing-Airbus which includes an agreement to suspend all tariffs imposed in connection with this dispute for five years. 

The tariff suspension applies to rum, brandy and vodka from the US and to Single Malt Scotch, Single Malt Irish Whiskey from Northern Ireland, liqueurs and cordials, and certain wines from the UK. 

The US Trade Representative press release today mentioned that “We will not impose the tariffs related to this dispute for five years.  This signals a mutual determination to strengthen our special relationship.  The understanding also retains flexibility for the U.S., and we will not enforce tariffs so long as we are satisfied that U.S. workers and producers can compete fairly.” 

Note this agreement applies only to the WTO Boeing-Airbus trade dispute.  UK Tariffs on American Whiskeys are part of a separate dispute related to steel and aluminum. 

We will provide further information when customs clearance guidance is released for processing entries.

View the USTR Press Release here.