EU Tariff Updates for Wine and Spirit Imports

Tariff Updates: Digital Service Tax Tariff Retaliation Spares French Sparkling Wines

The US Trade Representative (USTR) issued the notification of the French products subject to 25% tariffs as a result over France’s new digital services tax.  The product list centers around cosmetics and handbags, but French sparkling wine are not included.  Here is the link to the notice that will be later published in the Federal Register.

July 26, 2020: Deadline to Submit Comments on EU Tariffs stemming from Aircraft Dispute.  

The US Trade office is still collecting comments through July 26, 2020 over the tariff action related to the large civil aircraft dispute.  In addition to the existing 25% tariffs on certain EU wines and spirits, the tariff list expands the potential scope of products “under consideration for additional import duties” for all types of wines, spirits, liqueur and cordials from all European Union member countries as per the Federal Register notice here.

The deadline to submit comments (via their electronic portal) is July 26, 2020:   

  • Whether products listed in Annex I of the Notice should be removed from or remain on the list of goods subject to Section 301 duties;
  • Whether Section 301 duties on specific products should be increased, up to a level of 100 percent;
  • Whether additional duties should be imposed on specific products listed in Annex II or Annex III of the Notice; and
  • The rate of additional duty (up to 100 percent) to be applied to any products drawn from Annex II or Annex III of the Notice.

A review decision is anticipated around August 12th, 2020.  We will continue to monitor new developments in regards to the EU tariffs and how it may impact products you import.