Sydney Strike Continues to Delay Shipments from Australia and New Zealand

As mentioned in last week’s shipping update, the industrial action at port of Sydney and severe weather continues to disrupt the flow of container units and shipments in and out of Oceania ports. 

While Sydney is not a typical routing for the export of wine shipments to the USA, it has a trickle-down effect on the sailing schedules and service rotations of the vessels calling Australian and New Zealand ports.  In addition the changes to port calls negatively impact the supply and repositioning of flexi grade, reefer and standard container units.

Our shipping partner Hillebrand is here to help you navigate through the current situation by prioritizing empty equipment for export bookings and escalating issues with our ocean carrier partners to minimize the disruption wherever possible.  Please contact your Hillebrand representative to discuss any concerns on your shipments from this region and what interim solutions and adjustments in lead time and cargo protections can be provided.

To keep a close eye on any pending shipments, please login or register for myHillebrand so you can flag any shipments from these origins and set up notification alerts (email or text messages).  Find more details about managing your shipment beyond basic track and trace on Hillebrand’s website here.