Port of Montreal Strike Continues – Alternative Routing Considerations

Terminal operations at the Port of Montreal remain closed as the strike there continues.  Both parties are still in negotiations to resolve, but it appears that there will be no governmental intervention at this point.  Carriers are not calling the terminals and inbound cargo is being diverted to other ports.

For any NASA members who route shipments via Montreal typically, the Canadian port alternatives are Halifax or St. Johns.  It should be noted that there is growing congestion and transit times or schedules cannot be guaranteed as the average dwell times there are increasing.  Routing via rail through CN network is also temporarily halted for new bookings while they work to decrease the backlog of inbound/outbound cargos.

Routing alternatives are available via US East Coast ports for freight destined in the US or via Vancouver for cargo inbound/outbound to Asia.  For this option consideration must be given to the weight restrictions and customs entry requirements.

Alternative ports in Canada and US East Coast

If you have any questions on re-routing shipments for any impacted orders, please contact your Hillebrand representative or view status on www.hillebrand.com.