Port alerts for Houston, Chile, France

USA Houston port – Severe weather

Due to severe weather, Houston container terminals will close in-gate operations at 3PM local time and remain closed through tomorrow morning (9/14/2021)

Chile /  San Antonio port – Weather delays

Port terminals at San Antonio have faced several closures recently due to weather. Severe storms on the Pacific coast during the current season often bring high winds and storm surges preventing vessels from berthing at the port during their allocated windows.  Vessel schedules to the US East Coast are the most impacted as any departures delays affects schedule Panama Canal crossing schedules.  The situation is expected to continue for another 4-5 weeks but the resulting backlog may take much longer to clear.

France / Bordeaux – strike announcement

A major union has filed for a strike on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 which is expected to disrupt transport operations at French port terminals for 24 hours.  Please anticipate possible delays for pending loads.