North American Update May 7, 2020

Shipping updates

Port terminals across the country continue to reduce hours, shifts or announce closures on a weekly basis depending on volume demand.  Cancelled sailings (blank sailings) and shipping line schedule changes continue on all major shipping corridors so plan for adjusting lead times on new orders and protecting cargo as temperatures rise for summer months.  You can find both international operations and North American port updates on

Duties, Taxes & Tariffs

  • You can view US Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) CSMS messages and eligibility regarding the COVID-19 related postponement of duties here CSMS 4243171 and CSMS 4241561. Note that products subject to section 301 tariffs are not eligible.
  • CBP encourages all importers and filers to use Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) “to the greatest extent possible”.  Importers using Hillebrand for customs brokerage services can complete the form via Docusign here.  
  • CBMA Tax Savings for 2020 – Importers can take advantage of tax savings on eligible shipments of wine, spirits and beer, if you are unfamiliar with the program read more here.
  • Section 301 Tariffs – there has been no official update from the USTR Office since mid-February on the airbus subsidy tariffs which for imported alcoholic beverages only extended rates on existing products.  Unless an agreement is reached between the US and Europe, the next carousel review date within 180 days would mean an update would be expected by August 12, 2020.

Logistics strategies for re-opening and recovery efforts

States across the USA are easing restrictions or preparing for phased re-opening, although this will vary by county and/or city within these states.  Good news for Philadelphia residents as the PLCB is reopening some of their wine and spirits retail stores tomorrow with new physical distancing measures in place.  In general across the country, bars and restaurants restricted to take-out/curb-side service and dine-in, if permitted, at reduced capacity.  

We understand selling to different channels can require alternative transport solutions.  Please reach out to your Hillebrand contacts on your business needs or consider a few options below:  

  • Ship smaller order quantities through import/export consolidation “groupage” services.  View schedules here
  • Opt for VinLiner insulation and temperature/humidity recording devices In areas where reefer capacity is limited and to protect cargo during the warming months if shipped in dry containers.  Available in container and pallet size formats.
  • Cross-dock pallets directly to retail fulfillment centers through Hillebrand’s domestic program.
  • California last mile services have expanded to cover direct to consumer deliveries
  • Clear out expired stock through EcoBev product disposal program, learn more here.
  • Store excess inventory throughout Hillebrand’s expanded network.

Moving Forward by Giving Back  

Community matters more than ever and we have been heartened by the positive attitude and generosity of the Hillebrand network around the world. 

  • Hillebrand USA employees have made contributions last month to Feeding America and Northern/Central New Jersey Firefighters/EMT.  Newark’s University Hospital is allocating these donations toward staff meals for EMT and other health care workers.
  • In California our warehouse team received handmade wine-themed face masks made by the Transportation Manager Charisse Tolano’s supermom Sharon.  The team also received hand sanitizer supplied by Sutherland Distillery in Livermore. 

Read more about these stories and more relief efforts on here