USA Shipping Updates August 2022 – Container dwell fee at NY/NJ, Port Strikes in UK

August 9, 2022

Supply chain outlook and port updates Global container transport is still facing bottlenecks at all major ports used in the wine, spirits and beverage trade. Equipment supply shortages are still a reality, especially in new world wine areas and securing bookings for vessel space can take longer when ocean carriers skip port calls or make sailing schedule changes. Any additional work stoppages for bad weather or labor strikes only exacerbate the situation and cause further delays. Adjusting lead times and…

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USA Monthly Bunker Levels for September 2022 (Corrected)

August 3, 2022

Below are the BAF (bunker adjustment factor) levels on USA imports for September 2022. US Port Region / Equipment 20′ Dry 40′ Dry 20′ Reefer 40′ Reefer N. Europe* to US East Coast / Gulf $510 $1,020 $715 $1,430 N. Europe* to US West Coast $715 $1,430 $1,023 $2,046 W. Med** to US East Coast / Gulf $561 $1,122 $1,172 $1,172 W. Med** to US West Coast $763 $1,526 $1,626 $1,626 South America, S. Africa to US $536 $1,072 $753…

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Update: Oakland Port Terminal Gates re-open, delays expected

July 25, 2022

Terminal gates at Port of Oakland were operational again today following a week of disruption and closures due to protests from independent trucker owner-operators over California AB5 regulations.  It will take significant time to ease the backlog from last week given the existing stress already on supply chain (vessel schedules, terminal capacity, truck power for drayage, equipment availability, rail service, warehouse appointments, and labor for all sectors).  For any pending shipments via Oakland, please reach out to your operations representative for…

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AB5 Protests at Oakland to last all week, Truckers at Los Angeles / Long Beach to join in 

July 20, 2022

Industry partners are alerting us that truckers protesting California AB5 regulations will continue through the end of the week at Oakland and truckers in Southern California will also rally at Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals.  This is expected to restrict operations so severely that terminal operators will shut down gate operations – this morning gate cameras are showing empty lanes.  The Agricultural Transport Coalition (AgTC) has communicated this morning that the California Governor’s office has confirmed there will not be a…

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AB5 Protests Block Terminal Gates at the Port of Oakland

July 19, 2022

Protests over California AB5 entered the second day at Oakland port (the protest started Monday and is planned to continue through Wednesday) and have brought operations at the terminals to a standstill.  OICT terminals closed all shifts today and will likely remain closed tomorrow; other terminals are likewise adjusting gate operations due to the protests.  Some ocean carriers are pushing export cut-off windows out due to the lack of container movement at the ports.  Not only will this delay pickup, delivery and…

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Update: USA Rail Labor Strike Averted, Picketing over AB5 at Oakland Port this week

July 18, 2022

Rail strike advertedA rail strike today was averted after President Biden issued an executive order and created a Presidential Emergency Board to intervene in the stalled negotiations.  There will now be a 60 day period to come to a new agreement, pushing any possible strike action to mid-September.   Update on California AB5 Protests​​​​​​Independent owner operators are protesting California AB5 legislation at Port of Oakland terminals today and plan to continue through Wednesday.  Local authorities are on hand to keep…

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USA Rail Labor / Potential Strike Next week

July 15, 2022

After failing to reach an agreement on a new contact, rail unions could ​​​​​go on strike next week.  The 30 day cooling-off period following mediation ends at 12:01 next Monday July 18, 2022.  The US government has until that time to intervene with emergency board to step in to resolve the dispute.  Read more in this article from Freight Waves.  If rail labor goes on strike, this could impact all intermodal moves to/from the ports as well as domestic rail moves. We will continue…

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German Trade Union announces 48 hour strike starting July 14, 2022

July 13, 2022

The ver.di union has announced a potential strike which would affect major German ports including Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven.  The planned action would be a 48 hour work stoppage starting on July 14, 2022 at 7AM until July 16, 2022 at 7 AM.  If the strike goes forward this would impact operational processes at the port including truck deliveries and congestion in the port complex regions.  

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California AB5 Protests Planned at Los Angeles/Long Beach and Oakland.

July 13, 2022

California / Potential port disruptionAccording to local providers, the trucking community and independent owner-operators are planning for protests at Oakland over California AB5 next week, Monday – Wednesday.  It is not clear how much this will impact roads or operations; but we expect some companies will not send drivers to the port if there is risk of harm to drivers or property.   California AB5 requires independent contractors to be classified as employees and has a direct impact on drayage providers.  The…

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USA Shipping Updates July 2022

July 12, 2022

Supply chain outlook and port updates As we move into the third quarter, the supply chain is still dealing with disruption from congestion at major ports used in the wine and spirits beverage trade, regional equipment supply shortages, ocean carrier service changes, and of course weather delays.  The longer lead times to secure equipment and bookings can make it challenging for import scheduling, so you can request the July Trade Dashboard report from our shipping partner. View posted vessel wait…

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