NASA Shipping Alerts – Weather Disruptions NY/NJ, Argentina via Chilean Ports

New York / New Jersey: Winds and rains from Tropical Storm Fay have disrupted terminal operations and caused minor flooding in the region.  APMT closed inbound gates at 2:30PM and PNCT at 3:00PM local time. 

Argentina / Cross-Andes Transport: Shipments from Argentina sailing via Chilean ports have been extremely delayed due intermittent weather closures and a trucking strikes last month.  Updates on the road status are published by CF Los Libertadores here (site is in Spanish but they post pictures of the snow covered pass).  The pass was opened again July 9th, but winter travel hour restrictions are in place and it will take some time to clear backlogs.  Containers that transited the pass but could not make scheduled vessels require interim storage solutions in Chile; contact your Hillebrand representative for more details.

South Africa: Shipments at Cape Town continue to experience delays due to terminal operations slowdown over covid-19 (labor and cleaning closures).  Vessels are queuing outside the port region awaiting berthing space and some carriers are starting to omit port calls.

What we recommend:  

  • Set up notification alerts on myHillebrand to keep on top of latest updates for estimated departure / arrival dates.  Watch the video here.   
  • Adjust your lead times and requested ship dates for longer transit times, especially on freight moving through transshipment ports.
  • Protect your cargo – at minimum choose Hillebrand insulation over dry containers to reduce thermal shock impact on sensitive products.

NASA and Hillebrand are here to help you navigate this ever changing environment and organize transport solutions for your business needs.  We thank you for your continued support; please reach out for any questions.