MSC GRI from East Coast South America to Charleston Port effective May 7, 2022

Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) has announced a General Rate Increase (GRI) effective May 7, 2022 from the East Coast of South America to Charleston Port.

From: East Coast South America (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay)
To: Charleston Port (US)
Effective: May 7, 2022
GRI: USD 2,500 per container (20′ or 40′ dry, reefer, high cubes)

The vessel waiting time to berth Charleston port has been steady increasing in the past few months adding to delays for ocean carriers services at this port.  

At the beginning of February the vessel wait time to berth was averaging 6-9 days, at the beginning of March it was 10-16 days and this week it is 14-19 days. 

Vessel wait times at US container ports can be found on Hillebrand’s website.