MSC announces surcharge on all containers from Europe to US West Coast/Vancouver

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has announced a surcharge on all cargo from Europe to US West Coast ports and Vancouver. 

​​​​​Effective September 11, 2021 MSC will increase rates on all container equipment types, by USD $1000 for cargo from Europe discharging at ports of Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Vancouver, Canada.

This applies to cargo originating or trans-shipping in Europe (Continental Europe, the UK, Scandinavia, or Baltic regions) to US West Coast and Vancouver, Canada

This surcharge follows the disruption on their California Express service and the temporary stop of direct calls at Seattle and Vancouver.  These ports will be serviced by the Panama to PNW feeder service, transshipping via Lazaro Cardenas (Mexico), effective September 11, 2021.  

​​​​​​Port congestion levels at the US West Coast / Vancouver remain extremely high, with more vessels waiting outside of ports than compared to last year.  The inbound volume is expected to remain high throughout the end of the year not only due to inventory resupply and holiday shipping, but also due to available labor supply and safety protocol at the ports that impacts productivity. 

While the surcharge for the US West Coast is specific to MSC, we expect other carriers to follow and announce further increases on the North American trade by October 1st, 2021.      

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