Italian strikes affecting ports and trucking planned for Dec 16-17, 2021

Italian trade unions have called for a general strike on Thursday December 16th, 2021 in protest of 2022 budget plans of premier Mario Draghi.  Two of the largest trade unions, the CGIL and UIL labor unions have declared the planned budget “unsatisfactory” in areas of taxes, pensions, schools, industrial policies and others.

The national strike on December 16th will affect local and national public transport.  There will be no operations at Italian ports, rail services, etc. 

On December 17th, trucking companies and drivers unions will hold a strike which again will disrupt any container pickups, deliveries, and transport to/from ports.

Plan for additional delays on pending activities this week and in the following period as it will take some time to address the resulting backlog from these closures.  

For more information on bookings for pending shipments around this time, please reach out to your Hillebrand representative for more information.