Hillebrand Monthly Bunker Levels for May 2020

Ocean carriers today are operating in a maritime regulatory environment that has reduced allowable sulfur emissions from ocean vessels in global waters from 3.5% to 0.5% (January 2020).  Emission control areas surrounding North America and Europe are already restricted to 0.1%.  

Low sulfur fuel prices trade at different rates globally and as such the new bunker formulas will vary depending on the total fuel consumption (split out by shipping corridors and by dry or reefer equipment type).  The current volatility in oil prices is reflected in the monthy fuel levels.  The average fuel levels on all import trades below for April decreased -19% on average and another -26% from April to May.  

More information about the IMO 2020 can be found in previous communications or on our shipping partner Hillebrand’s website here:  https://www.hillebrand.com/media/publication/imo-2020-regulation

US Port Region / Equipment20′ Dry40′ Dry20′ Reefer40′ Reefer
Europe to USA East Coast$170$340$255$510
Europe to USA West Coast$243$486$365$730
Asia to USA East Coast$256$512$384$768
Asia to USA West Coast$157$314$236$472
South America, South Africa to USA$193$386$290$580
Australia, New Zealand to USA$361$722$542$1,084
May 2020

US Intermodal fuel, containers handled by Hillebrand is 35%.