Hillebrand Monthly Bunker and Intermodal Fuel Levels for October 2020

Ocean carrier BAF formulas have not returned to normalcy as disruptions in sailing demand, stringent capacity adjustment and fuel swings are still impacting shipping line’s overall financial health.  Given this environment and the fact that all carriers work off of separate fuel calculations depending on origin, destination and equipment type, we will extend the same levels as follows:

US Port Region / Equipment20′ Dry40′ Dry20′ Reefer40′ Reefer
Europe to USA East Coast$170$340$255$510
Europe to USA West Coast$243$486$365$730
South America, South Africa to USA$193$386$290$580
Australia, New Zealand to USA$361$722$542$1,084
October 2020

US intermodal fuel surcharge, containers handled by Hillebrand will be 22%.