Global Shipping Updates / Italy National Strike Dec 16, 2022

Italy – National Strike Dec 16, 2022
Italian trade unions have announced a 24 hour general strike on Friday Dec 16, 2022. Our overseas offices will work to re-schedule pending loads where possible, but plan for some potential delays.

UK Rail Strikes for December
The UK Rail network (RMT union) has planned industrial action on the following dates: Dec 16-17, 2022, Jan 3-4, 2023, Jan 6-7, 2023. In addition there will be an overtime ban from Sunday Dec 18, 2022 to Jan 4, 2023.
Teams are working to provide alternative road solutions for pending orders, but plan for additional delays and associated costs for shipments and container movements in this region.

New Zealand / South Island Transport Delays
Transit for shipments originating in New Zealand’s South Island continues to see delays and additional costs. While repairs are underway on the main highway between Nelson and Blenheim, traffic must be re-routed adding longer transit times, reducing total trucking capacity and reducing the availability of container resupply.
Plan for continued delays for packing, fitting and trucking from this area until mid first quarter 2023.

USA Rail Strike averted, US West Coast Port Negotiations Continue
Earlier this month the US government intervened and signed legislation to prevent a US rail labor strike. With the agreement now there will be no legal strike action from railroad unions.

US West Coast Port Negotiations are still ongoing, but there is little to report as the talks are not public. The latest from Port of LA Executive Director is that the union (ILWU) and its employer (PMA) are expected to sign a deal in the first quarter of 2023, possibly by early February. View the news article on Freight Lead here

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