EES on LFL shipments to USA effective July 1st, 2021

The current shipping market continues to wreak havoc on lead times and freight costs.  Spot market (not contracted) container rates have tripled and carriers have implemented steep surcharges and short validities in contract agreements. ​

In this current environment, rate increases must be passed on to shippers to obtain space and equipment.  

Effective July 1, 2021 (sail date) an Emergency Equipment Surcharge (EES) of US $2 per case will apply on all LFL (less-than-full-load) shipments to the USA.

This charge applies to shipments regardless of whether the surcharge is listed on your most recent rates.  Please ensure that your finance team knows that the EES is applicable effective July 1, 2021 and will be a valid charge. 

The shipping environment is more complex than ever, and we are active with our ocean carrier partners to prioritize space and equipment for your shipments.  Follow global market updates from our shipping partner Hillebrand on LinkedIn and through NASA notifications direct to your inbox.