Congestion Hotspots – Mexico, France, Oceania, USA

Here are updated operational conditions that are likely to affect the movement of active or upcoming shipments to the US.

Mexico – USA Cross Border Trucking

Border crossings in Texas have been facing delays as a result over new required security measures.  Last week commercial trucking queues were ranging between 7 to 30 hours at border crossings.  Texas Governor Abbott ended these increased inspections, but residual delays are expected as a result of the backlog.
France – Congestion at Le Havre

Technical difficulties are being reported at the TN terminal at Le Havre, the terminal that Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) operates out  of.  This has created long queues for truckers trying to deliver to the terminal and corresponding wait times.  This will impact waiting time costs and possible missed vessel cutoffs. 

Oceania – Port Congestion Update

If you have shipments from Australia and New Zealand, vessel service changes and equipment supply will impact scheduled services.  More in-depth information on this trade lane has been shared here.

USA Port Updates

Information on US ports can be found in the link below.  For US East Coast, the Port of New Jersey has issued a new alert on winter storm weather for tonight which could bring some regionalized flooding or road closures. 

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