Argentina Trucker Strike Ends but Delays Possible with Winter Weather Forecast

Over the weekend the trucker strike in Argentina was called off and cross-Andes transit for orders sailing via Chilean ports have resumed.  However the 10 day weather forecast predicts two winter storms which increases the probability that disruptions will continue.  

To plan around disruption on the cross-Andes service, we recommend:  

  • Set up notification alerts on to view shipment routings and to keep on top of latest updates for estimated departure / arrival dates. 
  • Adjust your lead times and requested ship dates for longer transit times, especially on freight moving through transshipment ports.
  • Protect your cargo – at minimum choose Hillebrand insulation over dry containers to reduce thermal shock impact on sensitive products.

NASA and Hillebrand are here to help you navigate this ever changing environment and organize transport solutions for your business needs.  We thank you for your continued support; please reach out for any questions.